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The Montgomery County Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families plays seven key roles in planning, coordinating, funding and monitoring interagency services for children, youth and families:

Leadership in Service Development
The Collaboration Council, working in partnership with others, is responsible for ensuring that strategic plan milestones are achieved. We are committed to being leaders in developing needed services for the people we serve.

Support of Systems-building
We participate in building systems that support families in our work with other agencies and partners.

Direct Services Funding
By using our procurement policies and process, we contract with public or private organizations to deliver programs and services that will improve the well being of children, youth and families.

Fund Raising
We continuously seek new sources of funding for our initiatives, while proving our value to existing funding sources. Besides cultivating potential sources of funding, we lead or support the grant proposals of others.

Research and Monitoring
Our activities and outcomes are carefully monitored using sophisticated research and data analysis practices. These statistics show us what really works, and where we need to make adjustments. We use these indicators to track our progress toward achieving The Children's Agenda outcomes.

Advocacy and Public Awareness
We believe that the critical information we gather truly shines when it is used to improve lives. Among ways we do this:

    • Incorporating child and family priorities in the Legislative Agenda;
    • Educating stakeholders with various fact sheets, brochures, newsletters and website info
    • Testifying and participating in briefings for local and state officials;
    • Serving as a catalyst for identifying new issues or concerns impacting children and families.

Capacity Building
We focus on today's needs and solutions for tomorrow. To that end, we help with training and technical assistance to increase the ability of organizations or partnerships to deliver high-quality services to children, youth and families. We also enhance the organizations' business practices so they are sustainable to handle future issues as they arise.